The Development

Shops at Roxdale is a high-end commercial development south of Edmonton. Our team has decades of experience in commercial land development. We have carefully chosen the concept, setting, and design of Shops at Roxdale in order to build an ideal investment location for businesses.

We are currently in the pre-sale phase of development, which allows interested investors to stake a claim in one of the leading land developments in the Edmonton International Corridor.

& Leasing

Shops at Roxdale offers a unique investment opportunity for local and international investors. We are now pre-selling the commercial spaces to interested investors. Leasing opportunities will also become available as development and pre-sale continues. The location of Shops at Roxdale will provide immense benefits to owners and leasing businesses alike.

Superior Design

Shops at Roxdale has been designed as a high-end complex. Superior details such as signage, landscaping, and parking will ensure a lasting impression on visitors and clients. The site map for this master-planned development demonstrates the level of care we have put into perfecting the details of the complex.


Shops at Roxdale will offer nearby residents of Roxdale Gardens, Royal Oaks, and other high-end neighbourhoods in the area a set of convenient amenities. Easily within walking distance of many communities with the East Vistas neighbourhood, each commercial space is highly visible to foot and vehicle traffic, and easily accessible. Businesses and residents alike will benefit from the proximity of this commercial development to residential communities.

Location Benefits

Shops at Roxdale offers location benefits as a result of it's close proximity to other developments. Economic investment in the region of the Edmonton International Corridor is expected to cause massive ripple effects, resulting in greater returns for businesses operating in the area. Major investments in this region are expected to increase property values and improve leasing options, while also providing long-term benefits for businesses.